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Randy Thieben: A Brief Overview of Disc Golf

As the owner of Central Coast Uplink, Randy Thieben offers the only satellite uplink van with full-service digital and analog mobile uplinks and downlinks in the area of Monterey, California. When not at Central Coast Uplink, Thieben enjoys participating in disc golf.

Played by both recreational and professional leagues, disc golf has emerged as a popular sport for people of all ages. Using a Frisbee® or similar device, contestants try to land their “golf disc” in a Disc Pole Hole’s basket. Similar to golf, most courses consist of nine or 18 holes. The official rules also follow elements of the parent game, such as the lie (i.e. the player must toss their disc from where it previously landed) and the throwing order (i.e. the person farthest from the hole after teeing off throws first throughout the round). Unlike golf, it can be played on different landscapes, and people have established courses in unique locations.

Although the game has been enjoyed in early forms since the introduction of the Frisbee®, the Professional Disc Golf Association was not created until 1976. Today, between seven and 10 million people play the sport on more than 2,500 courses across the United States. Every year, professionals compete in nearly 400 contests and the sport holds a World Championship.

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