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How John Lennon Inspires Randy Thieben to Achieve

September 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Randy Thieben looks up briefly from his desk at Central Coast Uplink and reads the wise words of John Lennon, framed on the wall: “Avoid Being Normal.” The enthusiastic and highly skilled cameraman is a passionate specialist in video production and satellite engineering, yet somehow, Randy Thieben still finds the time for adventure sports, literature, and fitness. Thieben gives a nod to the late Lennon as an inspiration for his boundless energy and ambition to succeed.

The words “Avoid Being Normal” are legendary, coming from an interview with Rolling Stone given in June 1975. The context: John Lennon described his fear of normalcy and settling for something. Randy Thieben couldn’t agree more. The Central Coast Uplink video-production expert will not sit still. When not on the job, Thieben is biking in the woods, shooting films near volcanoes, playing ultimate Frisbee or cultivating a first-class home brew. John Lennon’s words resonate in every aspect of Thieben’s life, both at Central Coast Uplink and after hours.

As well as his scintillating way with words, John Lennon was known for his intelligence, profound passion for politics and activism, and his idealism. Randy Thieben’s passion for his work with Central Coast Uplink, his active pursuit of hobbies, and his commitment to excellence and achievement are also something to be admired, and definitely far from normal.