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Randy Thieben: A Look at the Ku Band

Having spent his career in field and studio broadcasting, Randy Thieben currently owns Central Coast Uplink in Monterey, California. As the head of Central Coast Uplink, he maintains a satellite truck that features full-service digital and analog mobile uplinks and downlinks. The only truck of its type in the region, it includes a dual path Ku band link to allow clients to broadcast their messages.

The Ku band, also known as the Kurtz-under band, refers to a frequency used in satellite communications. Ranging from 11.7 to 12.7GHz for downlink frequencies and 14 to 14.5GHz for uplink frequencies, this band has become popular for broadcasting satellite television.

When compared to the C band and the Ka Band, the Ku band offers several benefits. Although it needs more power to transmit than the C band, it can be effective with a smaller satellite dish. Relatively strong, it takes heavy rain of approximately 100 millimeters per hour for television viewers to notice reduced quality on the Ku band. Moreover, this band has become the standard for the aeronautical mobile satellite systems broadband market. Certain providers employ continental scale wide Ku band beams.