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Uplinking and Downlinking Explained

With more than 20 years of professional experience in video production, broadcasting, transmission, and editing, Randy Thieben offers comprehensive services through his California-based company, Central Coast Uplink. Specializing in video and broadcast-related assistance on the West Coast, Central Coast Uplink clients can expect a vast range of uplinking and downlinking capabilities, including satellite and microwave-based communications.

Uplinking is the transmission of information from a remote ground-based hub to a satellite receiver. For instance, Central Coast Uplink operates a news van equipped to transmit the broadcast of an on-the-spot breaking news story, live newscast, headline news story, or even a sporting event or concert from an earth-based station provided by Central Coast Uplink to a receiving satellite. The satellite can then transmit the broadcast to a larger audience regionally or nationally.

Downlinking is simply the reverse of uplinking; a broadcast is transmitted at a different frequency than the uplinked information from a satellite back to earth. In such a case the signal from the satellite provides a larger audience with access to a remote story, either live or pre-recorded. For more information on Central Coast Uplink and its other broadcasting services, or to contact chief engineer Randy Thieben, visit


Randy Thieben: What Is Photojournalism?

The owner of Central Coast Uplink, broadcasting professional Randy Thieben possesses 20 years of experience in field and studio broadcasting. He received his first formal training in art photography and photojournalism. As Randy Thieben well knows, photojournalism is a form of visual storytelling. It weds journalism, which involves gathering and disseminating news stories, with photography, using images to document and convey events, occurrences, and news. A photojournalist is essentially a reporter with a camera, going out to capture newsworthy events and experiences on film and conveying them to an audience in a truthful and credible manner.

Photojournalism is a good career for people who enjoy excitement and fast-paced work. A successful photojournalist must be quick on his feet, persistent, and fearless. While a formal education is not strictly necessary in order to jumpstart a career in photojournalism, many journalism schools offer programs that equip aspiring photojournalists with the skills required to be successful. These programs combine photography classes with journalism courses and specialized ethics training.

Randy Thieben: A Brief Overview of Disc Golf

As the owner of Central Coast Uplink, Randy Thieben offers the only satellite uplink van with full-service digital and analog mobile uplinks and downlinks in the area of Monterey, California. When not at Central Coast Uplink, Thieben enjoys participating in disc golf.

Played by both recreational and professional leagues, disc golf has emerged as a popular sport for people of all ages. Using a Frisbee® or similar device, contestants try to land their “golf disc” in a Disc Pole Hole’s basket. Similar to golf, most courses consist of nine or 18 holes. The official rules also follow elements of the parent game, such as the lie (i.e. the player must toss their disc from where it previously landed) and the throwing order (i.e. the person farthest from the hole after teeing off throws first throughout the round). Unlike golf, it can be played on different landscapes, and people have established courses in unique locations.

Although the game has been enjoyed in early forms since the introduction of the Frisbee®, the Professional Disc Golf Association was not created until 1976. Today, between seven and 10 million people play the sport on more than 2,500 courses across the United States. Every year, professionals compete in nearly 400 contests and the sport holds a World Championship.

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Randy Thieben: A Look at the Ku Band

Having spent his career in field and studio broadcasting, Randy Thieben currently owns Central Coast Uplink in Monterey, California. As the head of Central Coast Uplink, he maintains a satellite truck that features full-service digital and analog mobile uplinks and downlinks. The only truck of its type in the region, it includes a dual path Ku band link to allow clients to broadcast their messages.

The Ku band, also known as the Kurtz-under band, refers to a frequency used in satellite communications. Ranging from 11.7 to 12.7GHz for downlink frequencies and 14 to 14.5GHz for uplink frequencies, this band has become popular for broadcasting satellite television.

When compared to the C band and the Ka Band, the Ku band offers several benefits. Although it needs more power to transmit than the C band, it can be effective with a smaller satellite dish. Relatively strong, it takes heavy rain of approximately 100 millimeters per hour for television viewers to notice reduced quality on the Ku band. Moreover, this band has become the standard for the aeronautical mobile satellite systems broadband market. Certain providers employ continental scale wide Ku band beams.

Randy Thieben on Brewing at the White House

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Over these last few years, the people have gotten to know Barack Obama as a man who loves his beer. When the White House announced that it has been doing its own brewing for the Commander-in-Chief, requests flooded in asking for the release of its recipes. Beer enthusiasts gathered over 25,000 signatures to get the information released, and happily the White House complied in September 2012.



The recipes are for a Honey Porter and a Honey Brown Ale, both of which use honey harvested from the White House’s hives. As far as can be determined, the Honey Brown Ale is the first alcoholic beverage ever produced on the grounds of the White House. Since the release of the recipes, quick-thinking homebrew purveyors have been selling kits that provide the home brewer with all the tools and ingredients necessary to successfully recreate these two beer recipes.

About the Author: Randy Thieben owns the only full-service satellite uplink van in the Central Coast region of California and, among many other interests, is a home brewer himself.

Randy Thieben on the American Kitefliers Association Annual Convention in Enid, Oklahoma

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

In two short weeks, kitefliers from around the world will descend on the town of Enid, Oklahoma. The American Kitefliers Association invites its over 3,000 members from countries around the world to its 35th annual convention. The event kicks into full swing on Tuesday, October 2, with an array of kite flying competitions, including sport kite and fighter kite competitions. A real spectacle to behold is the daily mass ascension, where all convention participants are invited to fly their most prized kites.

The event celebrates the joys of kiting and the connection it can help one develop to the environment. With workshops and plenty of time to fly built into the schedule, everyone can come away with new knowledge and new friendships to make their kiting more rewarding.

Additionally, the convention has vendors where you can restock on all your kiting needs and look over new products that have become available.

About the Author: Randy Thieben is the owner of Central Coast Uplink, which is the sole full-service satellite uplink van in California’s central coastal region. Randy Thieben is constantly seeking out new experiences and knowledge and includes kiting as part of his ever-expanding list of hobbies.

How John Lennon Inspires Randy Thieben to Achieve

September 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Randy Thieben looks up briefly from his desk at Central Coast Uplink and reads the wise words of John Lennon, framed on the wall: “Avoid Being Normal.” The enthusiastic and highly skilled cameraman is a passionate specialist in video production and satellite engineering, yet somehow, Randy Thieben still finds the time for adventure sports, literature, and fitness. Thieben gives a nod to the late Lennon as an inspiration for his boundless energy and ambition to succeed.

The words “Avoid Being Normal” are legendary, coming from an interview with Rolling Stone given in June 1975. The context: John Lennon described his fear of normalcy and settling for something. Randy Thieben couldn’t agree more. The Central Coast Uplink video-production expert will not sit still. When not on the job, Thieben is biking in the woods, shooting films near volcanoes, playing ultimate Frisbee or cultivating a first-class home brew. John Lennon’s words resonate in every aspect of Thieben’s life, both at Central Coast Uplink and after hours.

As well as his scintillating way with words, John Lennon was known for his intelligence, profound passion for politics and activism, and his idealism. Randy Thieben’s passion for his work with Central Coast Uplink, his active pursuit of hobbies, and his commitment to excellence and achievement are also something to be admired, and definitely far from normal.