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Randy Thieben on the American Kitefliers Association Annual Convention in Enid, Oklahoma

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

In two short weeks, kitefliers from around the world will descend on the town of Enid, Oklahoma. The American Kitefliers Association invites its over 3,000 members from countries around the world to its 35th annual convention. The event kicks into full swing on Tuesday, October 2, with an array of kite flying competitions, including sport kite and fighter kite competitions. A real spectacle to behold is the daily mass ascension, where all convention participants are invited to fly their most prized kites.

The event celebrates the joys of kiting and the connection it can help one develop to the environment. With workshops and plenty of time to fly built into the schedule, everyone can come away with new knowledge and new friendships to make their kiting more rewarding.

Additionally, the convention has vendors where you can restock on all your kiting needs and look over new products that have become available.

About the Author: Randy Thieben is the owner of Central Coast Uplink, which is the sole full-service satellite uplink van in California’s central coastal region. Randy Thieben is constantly seeking out new experiences and knowledge and includes kiting as part of his ever-expanding list of hobbies.