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Uplinking and Downlinking Explained

With more than 20 years of professional experience in video production, broadcasting, transmission, and editing, Randy Thieben offers comprehensive services through his California-based company, Central Coast Uplink. Specializing in video and broadcast-related assistance on the West Coast, Central Coast Uplink clients can expect a vast range of uplinking and downlinking capabilities, including satellite and microwave-based communications.

Uplinking is the transmission of information from a remote ground-based hub to a satellite receiver. For instance, Central Coast Uplink operates a news van equipped to transmit the broadcast of an on-the-spot breaking news story, live newscast, headline news story, or even a sporting event or concert from an earth-based station provided by Central Coast Uplink to a receiving satellite. The satellite can then transmit the broadcast to a larger audience regionally or nationally.

Downlinking is simply the reverse of uplinking; a broadcast is transmitted at a different frequency than the uplinked information from a satellite back to earth. In such a case the signal from the satellite provides a larger audience with access to a remote story, either live or pre-recorded. For more information on Central Coast Uplink and its other broadcasting services, or to contact chief engineer Randy Thieben, visit